Technologies and trends have immense potential to improve the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


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About Me

Tracey, has over 15 years of in-depth, hands on experience in the fields of education, skills development, Person-directed, Social Role Valorization, Case Management, and Family Supports in Autism, Developmental Disabilities, and Mental Health. Tracey’s relentless advocacy efforts towards building 'Barrier Free Inclusive Communities' awarded her a Government of Canada certificate for “Improving Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities.” Tracey continues to focus on helping Children and Adults to live an independent life or reach a point that all are able to fulfill their maximum potential.


After completing Graduate Studies, Honours, in Autism and Applied Behavioural Analysis Tracey went on to provide skilled Instructional Therapy and Develop and Instruct Newmarket's first Autism Preschool Academy with the support of overseeing Clinicians.


Through her further studies in Independent Facilitation, truly Person-Directed Planning, Tracey offers a wide range of knowledge in supporting Children, Youth, Adults, Families, and Communities. Tracey sees first-hand the importance of an Individualized systems approach and constant advocacy for demanding social inclusion. In her Facilitation approaches Tracey takes an opportunity to first learn about, value, the Individual as part of her Person-First planning approach and Social Role Valorization. In return she is enjoying a wealth of new friendships and building Circles of Support, allowing for more Independent living.

Tracey could see first-hand how there was a glaring lack of opportunities for children who transitioned into adulthood and were being effectively ‘aged out’ of new opportunities, including the area of supportive technology for daily living. Knowing there had to be a better way, Tracey set out to change things first completing 3 terms as an Assistive Technologist teaching 21st Century Google Applications for Education. Now, with a firm background in Assistive Technology Tracey offers support with developing tech strategies for more Independent Living approaches.


Tracey continues to invested a great deal of research into current disability employment barriers and heavily promotes and educates employers on the benefits of creating a more neurodiverse workforce, specifically for Individuals with Autism and  behavioral needs.

In her continued efforts as a very active community volunteer promoting inclusive communities Tracey developed and Administrates a growing online network, "Bradford’s Family Support Network for Families with Autism, Developmental Disabilities." Parents and organizations report highly valuing the daily  access to a wealth of person-first supports that Tracey hopes is helping to transform the lives of individuals with disabilities.

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