How Tracey Can Help

 I can help navigate the complexities of Ontario's funding programs, providing funding options for families to receive Respite breaks from day-to-day care, or Facilitation supports. My services qualify for the following supports, including but not limited too: OntarioAutismProgram, Ministry of Community and Children Social Services MCCSS, Special Services at Home program SSAH/Assistance for Children with Severe DisAbilities program ACWSD, Community Living, and Passport funding for Adult services and supports. Helping Adults with a developmental disAbility take part in communities.

Individualized Future Planning 

What should you do when your plans for future transitions aren't coming together or are falling apart?

Whether it is housing, education, social or life skills, take advantage of my years of diversified expertise and vast network to champion for you, while assisting in building supports and helping to guide you on your journey.

No agency contact required or wait-listed. Reassuringly contact me directly.


Respite Care

What is RESPITE?


Respite is a short break in-home or out-of-home, that provides a caregiver some time away from daily caregiver responsibilities which has been proven too benefit the well-being of caregiver, individual member and or entire family system.

Gain back some of your time while taking a worry-free respite break. No agency wait-listed, contact me directly.

I have 15+ years of expertise supporting individuals and their families living with Autism, or different abilities.  Whether you are continuing to support your Adult family member at home and needing a helping hand, or seeking community  opportunities for all ages our services will honour your individual needs and interests. Covered and credentialed under OAP, Passport, ACWSD, SSAH, OA, Emergency Funding

No agency contact required or wait-listed.

Simply contact me directly.


Tutoring with Google Apps for Education

Open Space Office


Today's Assistive technology is showing great gains towards supporting ALL in public transit alerts, medication reminders, social skill scripts for on the spot, shopping lists, literacy, financing and much much more.

The future is here. Technology is created with accessibility in mind to help all. Services covered under O.A.P.

As an experienced trainer I place great emphasis on 21-st century strategies that are fun and adaptive, while building individualized rapport. Whether looking to master digital connectedness during these isolating times, literacy, scheduling tasks, or developing ease of access using speech-to-text/text-to-speech intelligence. I hold several badges and certificates in Google Applications for diverse Education. Let me help you with making your devices work for you. 

No agency contact required or wait-listed.

Simply contact me directly.

Supports for Seniors

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Caregivers can now regain some valuable time.
Personal Support trained &  certificates

My gold star approach, towards living one's best life, is centered around bringing a spark to a seniors daily living, while ensuring that their safety and well being is the top priority. I individualize each compassionate approach to your likes.

No agency contact required or wait-listed.

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Vocation Supports

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My action planning is deeply routed in  advocacy, stemming from a strong belief that work forces are made stronger when neurodiversity is represented.  As a skills development coach, I draw upon my decades of experiences individualizing approaches that help build a foundation for your success. Some of my successes supports include aiding in  continuing education, volunteering roles, and gaining meaningful employment.


Action plans can include advocating to assist you with your post-employment transition, learning your new role, or where applicable may include navigating the social complexities of your new work environment.


No agency contact required or wait-listed.

Simply contact me directly.

Not just your typical
Pre-employment approach

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Not everyone who needs help knows where/how to ask for it.

You do not have to sit in isolation, excluded, or having your voice unheard. Let my relentless advocacy and expert research techniques help your unique gifts and passions shine through.